Branding, Logo Design & Social Media Content Creation

Strivergy worked with Doctor Adeel to develop branding, social strategy and also provide him with high quality weekly social media content for all platforms.

Our Process

Branding & Logo Design

Strivergy consulted with Doctor Adeel to collaboratively develop a comprehensive brand guideline and a logo that is clear, concise and memorable.

This consisted of a mission statement, vision statement and brand voice alongside other visual identifiers such as logos, colours, fonts and imagery styles. This is a very important first step to ensure all creative work and communication with his audience is consistently on-brand!

Social Media Content Creation

Once the branding guidelines were solidified, Strivergy developed a thorough social media strategy and put together a content package to ensure high-quality and engaging content to his target audience.

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Doctor Adeel Workingout
Doctor Adeel in Scrubs
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Let’s get creative

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